Justin J. Betts (somefan) wrote in areyoujiffy,
Justin J. Betts


A couple of quick things.

mongoosevogue, the newest applicant, has totally gotten under my skin.

I have a couple of things to say to her.
I should note first of all that you aren't "drafted" as you so put it when you are a member of the Texas Air National Guard. I would like to think you know this, but I need to make sure you understand this.
Want to earn a few bucks? I will personally pay you 15 dollars if you will look up a few things for me and tell me what you know.
-Mary Mapes
-President Bush and the Human Reliability Program during Vietnam.
-Your beloved John F Kennedy Wannabe was awarded 3 purple hearts. What did he get them for?
You know what. I could go on for hours. But the fact is. You aren't worth it.
Quite frankly the way you write annoys me. The way you dress annoys me. Every word I read from you makes me want to severely hurt myself. But you have the right, and that's what makes it allright. Just remember where that right came from. It wasn't from emo freaks like yourself.

To everyone else-I have grown up I guess, and am now a bit old for the community. You are all great, really (yes, even you mongoosevogue.) But as I move forward in life, I am leaving this community behind. God Speed.
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