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Name- Krissy

Age- 15

Sex- Vagina

Where do you live?- Stratford, CT

Where did you find out about "are you jiffy"?- my buddy Kim is a mod

What's your preference of music- emo stuff i guess

What are your favorite bands?- Matchbook Romance & The Used

What's your opinion on religion?- everyone should be able to choose what they want to be on their own, it shouldnt be forced on you. and you shouldnt be discriminated for it, cuz thats just stupid

What's your favorite color(s)?- blue, no clue why. it just has been for like the past 5 years

What's your opinion on Gay Marriages?- it should be legal. its majorly stupid that its not legal everywhere. just because someones gay doesnt mean they shouldnt have the same rights as a straight person

What do you dislike in a person?- people who constantly lie, and you know theyre lying. or people who talk shit like constantly, because its pointless and just causes drama. even though i admit i probably talk shit too much.. but yea..

Describe yourself in three words- random, nice, uh... hyper?

Do you think your jiffy, and if you do, why?- i guess? cuz uhm.. my pink lawn flamingo told me i am

Do you prefer chunky or smooth jif peanut butter?- smooth, but chunky's good every once in a while

What are your opinions on George Bush?- really dont like the guy. cant wait until hes out of office

What's your favorite kind of gum?- i dont know what its called, lol. i just know what it is when i see it

Favorite snack food?- nachossss. yumm, i want some now

Pedicure or Manicure?- manicure, cuz i love when my nails look all super-pretty

Dill or Sweet Pickles?- neither, i hate pickles. =P

Alcohol or Drugs?- alcohol, considering ive never done drugs cuz my bf doesnt want me to..

Do you know any of the Mods?- i know Kim, and shes the shit

Are you in any other communitys? If so name some.- add_me, stratford_4life, _lyricsxwhore, nice_reviews and a couple others

Please promote us in atleast two diffrent places(link)- http://www.livejournal.com/community/stratford_4life/

Now, post some pictures of yourself, please keep the max up to 5..thank you.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
braids are fun
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
that yellow thing is a guitar pick
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sunglasses are fun too

the end♥
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