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If you aren't jiffy

Leave in a jiffy

Are you J-j-jiffy?
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Here is a community where you are rated not only by looks, but your sense of what we like to call "jiffyness", or "coolness", or "greatness". It's easy to join up, just join, and fill out a simple application for us to see exactly how jiffy you can be.

COPY, PASTE, FILL OUT. It's not THAT hard.



- Don't argue with the MODS or members, we'll argue back. Plus watch what you say or it will result in an automatic reject.

- Be honest.

- Don't post or comment(unless on your OWN application) anywhere 'til you've been accepted.

- Put "I am Jiffy, not no Skippy" in the subject so we'll know you read the rules.

- Stay active.

- Promote and vote!


♥Yo whores. Get out and take some pictures with Jif. Show some community spirit.♥


- Rejected -

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- Accepted -

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- Promote! -
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The Mods.

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Kim blondedevilkim

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Jesse buyanewlife

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Katy perfectxxworld
So you want to be a Co-mod eh?


♥You must first be a member before applying to be a co-mod.
♥You must recruit a member, meaning get someone to join this community. This means, you don't not use another account and pose as someone else, if you do, you will be banned from areyoujiffy. I'm dead serious about this guys. Oh yesh, please have the person you recruited name you at the bottom of their application, or you wont get credit unless they say something, or you show me where you promoted to them.
♥You must promote, and be active.
♥Other members votes do not count on your vote for being a co-mod, members may vote, and try to convince the former mods in which direction to go for the decision, but the decision for a co-mod is for mods only.
♥In the subject line, put..."This isn't your everyday jiffyness..."

Why you think you should be co-mod:
What would make you a good co-mod?:
5 promotions and links please:
What you could do to help out with areyoujiffy:
How to get ahold of you...:
Can you make banners? (Guys if you can't...it's fine...this wont effect that much, it'll just be cooler if you can...):
Are you done?:
Say something nice to your mods:

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